A significant part of our everyday life is required to be spent doing what we love. Whether it is gymnastics, reading, writing, or any activity that makes us be active ‘consciously’.

The degree to which we enjoy doing something is reflected by how consciously we do so. While the secretion of dopamine in our heads might tend to make us more aware of things; the reverse is also true.

In order to enjoy everyday living, we have to learn to be more aware and hence, treat no moment as ordinary.

One misconception one might have is that the act of being conscious while being inactive is meditation. When people are taught how to meditate, they are taught to do nothing so that they can focus on doing nothing else apart from being conscious.

To meditate is to pay attention. When one is taught how to meditate, they are in essence being taught how to enjoy life. After all, how can one become more conscious without becoming aware of consciousness itself? To become conscious of consciousness itself, consciousness has to become completely present. The key to consciousness knowing itself lies in being.

You can only “be” in the present. Bliss takes over when no moment remains ordinary.

May the Presence permeate you through the writings of this site.